Customer Service

We of team Musquet want every user of our website to be satisfied.
And want to provide a place where weapon collectors can share their passion and expertise.
To realize this there are a few things in which you can help us to improve this website.

Here are some examples of situations in which you can take action:
  • When you want to report what you believe to be internet fraud or any other transactions which are not legal.
    You can contact us so we can take further action.
  • When you have some information about a specific item or when you see incorrect information.
    You can contact us so we can process or correct the information.
  • When you have trouble with our website in any form and you already consulted our FAQ.
    You can contact us so we can solve the problems.
Furthermore we want to point out that we are not responsible for any purchased items on our website.
Or for the advertisements that have been put on our website.
We strive for a transparent website with original items.
But we cannot guarantee the quality of the items.

If you have any further questions that have not been dealt with in our FAQ, then you can contact us for further information.

Customer Service Team Musquet