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Loron Pinfire 7mm in Leather Case - antique weapons at

Loron Pinfire 7mm in Leather Case

Loron Brevette Pinfire revolver in Leather (on wood) case

Made/sold by Rouzegas from Toulouse France.

Exceptional piece with beautiful engravings, heat colored parts, octagonal barrel and Ivory grip scales that are finely carved with bass reliefs.

Caliber 7mm.

Although made in France and proof stamped in Toulouse (TL) it is also proofed and stamped in Liege belgium (ELG).

This revolver was given as a present to , an architect and governement inspector of (governement) buildings in Biarritz France.

Tsar Alexander III from Russia commissioned to Russian Architect Alexander Nevsky and to develop and build the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Biarritz.

Weather this weapon was a present from Tsar Alexander III to Mr. Tisnes, can not be stated with certainty neither supported by documents at this time, but there is some indirect evidence it was presented to him after finishing the build of the Cathedral.

Region: West Europe
Category: revolvers
Fixed price 1.600,00

Member since 12 Jun. '14
Location: Nootdorp, Netherlands [show on map]

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