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Beaumont M1871 built in St.Etienne - antique weapons at

Beaumont M1871 built in St.Etienne

DIn 1870 the Dutch armed forces took the decision to use the Beaumont rifle. The weapon was named after the Maastricht arms dealer Edouard de Beaumont. The first tenders for production went to the French arms factory in St. Etienne. However, due to the outbreak of the Franco-German war (1870-1871), the semi-finished products (with barrels made in Maastricht) were seized and used by the French army. In Chile, several hundred specimens were used during the Nitric War (1879-1884). These French made Beaumonts had no serial number on the buttplate, instead there is an M stamped on it.

This rifle is a Made beaumont, used in Chile.

Very rare!!

Condition is very good, with mirror smooth barrel

Region: West Europe
Category: longarms
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Location: Nootdorp, Netherlands [show on map]

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