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An Early 18th Century Hunting Sword. - antique weapons at

An Early 18th Century Hunting Sword.

An Early 18th Century Hunting Sword with straight fullered single-edged blade (double-edged towards the tip), retaining traces of engraved hunting scenes on the respective faces at the forte (stags and wild boars that are being chased by hunting dogs).
Seven-faceted solid brass grip. The guard is of russet steel and comprises a knuckle-bow and a rear quillon turned slightly to the outside. The decoration is encrusted in silver and includes human figures, animals surrounded by foliate scrolls and vegetal motifs.
A gold-encrusted hilt in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and another in the Metropolitan Musuem of Art, New York, are decorated with foliage very similar to those on this hilt, and may have been decorated by the same craftsman (pictures available upon request ). Hilts with this type of decoration have been called English, Dutch, or French, but since no evidence points clearly to their place of origin.

Region: West Europe
Category: edged weapons
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Location: Unknown, Italy [show on map]

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