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Piso Podang of the Batak people -Sumatra - antique weapons at

Piso Podang of the Batak people -Sumatra

Antique and rare saber Piso Podang of the Batak people (North Sumatra). One piece brass hilt, the handle cast in the form of a figure sitting astride the cross-guard, holding his hands in front of lower abdomen, with the thumbs and forefingers touching. Cup-shaped pommel, cross-guard with trefoil form quillon terminals and medial ridged langets. Slightly curved, double fullered blade. Leather covered wood scabbard with brass mounts, completed with a chain for suspension.

Length of saber: 70,5 cm
Length of blade: 58,5 cm
Lenght of scabbard: 62,4 cm

Region: West Europe
Category: edged weapons
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Location: Unknown, Italy [show on map]

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