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Japanese famous nihonto Magroku Kanemoto

This is one of the most coveted swords a dream for many who can become reality.
A mighty Japanese Nihonto Katana from a famous blacksmith Magoroku Kanemoto.
He was one of the five blacksmiths who at that time made the best and sharpest swords Saijo O Wazamono.
The quality is truly phenomenal a masterpiece of the first order.
He learned the skills of his grandfather (Kanemune) and improved it in perfection.
Kanemoto is the 2nd generation swordsmith.
The sword is forged around the year 1521-1525
Length of the blade is 67.2 cm
Sori (curvature of the leaf is 1.4 cm
A very nice and clear hammon also this is characteristic of Magoroku
The koshirae is showa period, against which the tsuba is wonderful of detail edo period.
This sword is a must for the real enthusiast.

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Category: edged weapons
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