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Japanese WW2 officer katana, gendaito. - antique weapons at

Japanese WW2 officer katana, gendaito.

Authentic Japanese WW2 officer katana (Type 98) `Shin gunto`, gendaito. The blade was forged by gendai smith Harumoto (traditional smith name) and signed `Kasuga Fumitada seizousho saku` (Fumitada birth name) in May 1937 (dated), star stamp on the nakago, during WW2: Rikugun Jumei Tosho. The blade has old full polish and shows minor fine scratches and stains, but no rust, no nick, no crack, and cutting edge is sharp. `Suguha` hamon with deep temper at the point. Motogasane `: 7 mm,` motohaba `: 3.1 cm, length` nagasa `: 63.5 c m, total length in koshirae:99 cm. The koshirae has minor wear and no flaws.

Region: Asia
Category: edged weapons
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