Auction of rare matchlock musket and pikemen armour

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Auction of rare matchlock musket and pikemen armour,

On September 29 there is an auction at the Zeeuws Veilinghuis in Middelburg which contains two rare items.
Namely a matchlock musket and a pikemen armour, both from the 80-year war (1568-1648).
The matchlock musket comes from Emden around 1600-1660.
And has a length of 136 cm.
This is for a musket on the small side, so it could also be a roer or a vuurroer.
These were smaller and had a caliber of 11 mm.
While a musket has a caliber of 17 to 20 mm.

With this musket is also a furketstick.
This was used to put the musket on to rest during the firing.
Because the muskets were built quite heavy with thick wooden stocks.

This musket comes from Emden, the city experienced at the end of the 16th century a period of great prosperity.
Due to the Spanish blockade of Dutch ports at the start of the Dutch Revolt Emden was the main transshipment port in the North Sea.
Thousands of Protestant refugees from the Netherlands came to the since 1544 Protestant city to escape persecution by the Duke of Alva.
During this period the predominantly Calvinist Emden came in conflict with the Lutheran counts of East Frisia.
With support from the Dutch Emden managed to become "de facto" a free city under the protection of the Dutch Republic.
Dutch became the language of commerce and the civil administration.
The dominant position of the port of Emden came to an end when the course of the river Ems changed unexpectedly.
The semi-independent status of Emden continued until 1744, when East Frisia, including Emden, was annexed by Prussia.

The musket is numbered above the lock in the stock with E20.

Besides the matchlock musket there is also a pikemen armour auctioned.
It is dated from 1560 to 1660.
With a so-called half-pike of 250 cm.

Both items can be seen this weekend and the auction on 29 September.
With kind regards,

Team Musquet

-Jacob The Gheijn (ca.1565-1629) - Wapenhandelinghe From Roers. Mvsqvetten. Ende Spiessen
-Zeeuws Veilinghuis

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