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 photo 1

Percussion rifle of unknown model
In a constant race to improve weapons armies have always liked the best equipment at their disposal. In this race arms are always thoroughly tried and tested. But in some cases it may happen that some models have never really seem to exist. There cannot be found any documentation whatsoever. This also applies to the following rifle (see photos 1 and 2).

 photo 2
This rifle is a percussion rifle with Dutch markings and a cartouche with the crowned W on the stock (see photo 1). Only there is nothing known about it. The gun is also known as "The rifle of unknown model". Furthermore, it has some similarities with the Belgian rifle Model 1848/1853.
The rifle has a number of characteristics, so it is easy to recognize. It has a tail lock (see photo 3) with a chest to the barrel. There is also a folding sight (see photo 4) and a rifled barrel. The lock is marked with GM under a crown and underneath it the number 47 (stands for the year 1847), this year is also marked on the barrel and in the cartouche on the stock. The leftside of the cock is marked with the number 1405. There are only a few examples known, including a rifle from 1845 with number 889 and a rifle from 1844 with number 532.

 photo 3
So we can conclude that these rifles were made ​​over a period from 1844 to 1847 and that the numbering has certainly reached up to 1405. Furthermore, do the sight and rifled barrel suspect that it was probably some kind of Jagersbus.
erhaps for the colonial army?

 photo 4
Only this can not be proved.
It will be speculating until we get some more documentation on the table ....
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Team Musquet
The Visser Collection, Volume 1 Part 4 (blz. 336-339)
Nederlandse Vuurwapens Landmacht, Marine en koloniale troepen 1813-1866 (blz. 137-140)

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