Dutch saber bayonet of Marinebus M1858

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Dutch saber bayonet of Marinebus M1858

Dutch saber bayonet of Marinebus M1858
photo 1 .

With the introduction of new models, the Dutch Navy always had different armament compared with the Dutch infantry.
For example, as bayonet they used a cutlass.
However, when they introduced the Marinebus M1858 rifle the cutlass became replaced by a saber bayonet.
This saber bayonet has a so called Yataghan blade.
This is derived from the Yataghan knife or short sword which was used from the 16th till the late 19th century in the Ottoman Empire (see photo 1).

Dutch saber bayonet of Marinebus M1858
photo 2.

This bayonet can be used as a sword or as a bayonet.
The handle is made of solid brass and has 14 ribs (see photo 2).

The blade is marked with S&K (see photo 3).
This represents Schnitzeler & Kirschbaum from Solingen (Germany).
August and Albert Schnitzler worked together with Wilhelm B.S. Kirschbaum.
In 1864 this cooperation ended.

Dutch saber bayonet of Marinebus M1858
photo 3.

On the other side of the blade there is a inspection mark , B with crown (see photo 4).
This inspection mark is also on the hilt.
Furthermore, the year 1861 is marked on the blade.

Dutch saber bayonet of Marinebus M1858
photo 4.

The scabbard is made of leather with a brass band.
The scabbard point is also made of copper and ends in a round ball.
On the scabberd band is a button.
This is numbered 274 (see photo 5).

Dutch saber bayonet of Marinebus M1858
photo 5.

The exact number of Marinebus bayonets what is produced is not precisely known.
But a specification from 1864 shows that there are little bit more than 2,000 pieces of Marinebus rifles made in Liege and Maastricht.
It is therefore likely that there are not much more than 2,000 M1858 sabelbayonets produced .

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