Dutch Officers sword of general model 1820 with sword knot

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Dutch Officers sword of general model 1820 with sword knot

photo 1.

After the Napoleonic wars and after the Netherlands became independent again they had to look at the development of their own weaponry. The Netherlands had been under the rule of France in the recent years and they took all the inventory of the armouries with them at their retreat. During the reign of the French, they instituted the use of "standard models" in the Dutch army. This means there was a specific model set for a particular military unit.

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For arming of officers they finally came to the Officers sword of general model 1820 (see photo 1). This sword is again derived from the Prussian sword general model of 1808, the Russian infantry officers sword from around 1815 and the British officers sword model 1796. This shows that this model of sword was widely used.

photo 3.

The Dutch swords are easily to recognize by the grip. This is covered with a silver plate while other types of swords are finished with wire (see photo 2).

Furthermore, there are two versions of the scabberd. The leather scabberd was for the infantry and the steel scabberd for the cavalry and mounted artillery. The hilt is made of copper with a wooden handle finished with silver ribbed plate. Furthermore, the sword has two thrust plates of which one can be folded downwards. This is to improve the comfourt during the wearing of the sword. The blade is beautifully blued and gilded engraved. The blade is signed Schimmelbusch a Solingen, this was the maker of the blade. And the thrustplate is signed L. Droixhy Amsterdam, this was the dealer who sold the sword.

What is also striking is that the steel sheaths seem to be always a bit to big for the swords. Also in this case, the sheath is longer than what is necessary. This can be almost always noticed for these models with steel sheaths.

There was also a different model for Field officers, they sometimes call it the Field officers sword of regular model 1820. The Field officers sword has a gilted grip and the thrustplates are curved and not moveable. They also had a grip finished with silver plate.

photo 4.

The grip is also fitted with its sword knot (see photo 2). This sword knot was specially designed for the sword of general model 1820. The correct mannor of fitting the swordknot is further illustrated in general regulations specifying the sizes of the dress, equipment and distinguishing marks (see photo 3) and Continuation of the description as is the Royal Dutch troops and all standing in military related persons dressed, equipped and armed of JF Teupken (see photo 4). The sword knot is made of silver wire containing orange braided wire ( see photo 5 ).

photo 5.

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