About Musquet

Musquet is a website which has as main goal to bring weapon collectors in contact with each other.
Nowadays there is a lot of skepticism towards weapons.
Usually there is no difference made between antique and licensed weapons.
And in every country there are different rules applied.
By the most of the auction websites there is a lack of knowledge and skills to maintain a good website.
To overcome this problem we have started this website.
Hereby we have created a platform where you can buy and sell weapons, consult the database, receive our newsletter and many more.

The main part of this is of course the auction site.
Furthermore there is a database, this is a knowledgebase and a library of images with information and explanation.

Beside the database, there is a newsletter which appears quarterly.
It contains interesting articles about antique weapons and upcoming exhibitions and auctions.
In our Blog you can read all the articles again.
And we have an auction calendar with all the major military exhibitions and auctions.
And links to other interesting websites.

So it is a site of weapon collectors.
For weapon collectors.


Team Musquet